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Our Policies

Quality Policy

Vision and Mission Statement in accordance with principles;
• The staff are constantly improving the quality of trainings,
• To create quality awareness at all levels within the company,
• Using the available resources effectively and efficiently minimize costs,
• In-house communication, teamwork and support of strengthening,
• Evaluate all ideas which are open to development, are our policy

Health, Education, Environment and Safety Policy

All staff employed in the company of health, education, the environment and safety issues of responsibility  is. This feeling is the key to our success. Firms, people, environment, The value will be the symbol of security and education. In this context,

• To provide a safe and healthy working environment
• To eliminate conditions that cause accidents
• To eliminate the conditions that will harm the environment
• Our plant all kinds of waste and emissions that cause air pollution, minimize download
• Any source of energy to use, efficient and economical way
• To produce high quality products our customers can use safely
• Possible risk from hazards by continuously following the elimination of their causes to work for
• İnformation about the Policy, employees, suppliers and customers transfer
We are committed to ...