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07.09.2010 CT Transtur Interview About he did

In recent years, families have created built-in Kayseri Turkish business world values  they strike their mark. Entrepreneurial spirit that many businessmen in Kayseri region and the company are exemplary. Kayseri is at the forefront of such a trade  makes the moving business life. That the viability of commercial shipping in Kayseri life  shows itself in the industry.

Located in the middle of Kayseri in Turkey, increasing with the development of industry, transport  sector also comes to the fore.

Transtur 42 of the International Transport of Kayseri in Turkey, the first international a well-established company with years of shipping company dır.32 Transtur International Transport then this feature, it is one of the reputable companies sector.

Trans International Transport partners with Jalal Turgut Transtur Tur past,  talked about the present and future.

Kayseri is faithful payables

Voicing are very pleased to be working in Kayseri, Turgut, "Kayseri  makes it a good bargain. In this sense, can not earn very good money. At the same Kayseri is very faithful to the debts. So print your feet firmly on the ground. "He says.  Transtur International Transport, which operated between Italy and Turkey 's fleet  Scania tractor trailer quantity is 60 pieces and 70. Jalal Turgut work in Italy the reasons explained: "I like to work in Italy. Because of this, even drivers,, easily able to control the income and expenses. Especially due to the drives  no problem with them living're downloaded to minimize adverse effects and to say place. On the other hand, using Ro-Ro profitable in the long run going. 7-8 years  vehicles making a total of 400 thousand kilometers and maintenance costs of these vehicles lower than the used values ​​from other vehicles operating lines is higher than going on. "

Word can not bring instead, Any more.

Underlining that they are providing very good service exporters Turgut, so far  not encountered with any customer complaints due to moving expressed.  "I do not do cheap shipping time. Our competitiveness in quality service built on top of situation. We reserve drivers, continuous training is needed. Their customer  harmonious relations between individuals, overseas and traffic rules in the customs legislation,  In accordance with a moving train our drivers. Company drivers who violate the rules of  Never barınamazlar company. Our drivers not to travel more than 9 hours per day and they immediately feel tired and sleepy to rest is recommended. The possibility of the load in case of late due to various adverse conditions  immediately inform our customer in advance. We do not bring Rather never mentioned. "

With a large family of Jalal Turgut, 9, brother. The youngest of the brothers Jalal Turgut, older siblings and Adnan Halis Turgut along with shipping and  manages other companies. "Our father died in 1979, we are duty etmesiyle took over. Our goal is bequeathed to us in a way worthy of our father and our family to continue to develop this work .. Until now believe that we manage it "  said Turgut, fuel, transportation, and manufacturing services with the sale of railway wagons areas had expanded well, he adds.

Our blood does not heat up other instruments

We are a fascinating family of Scania unique feature in the Transtur International Transport  exactly 32 years since it was founded in 1975 Scania fleet inhabit only.

There is no other vehicle in its fleet Scania Transtur International Transport '  Turgut emphasized that explains the reason. "Kayseri first tow truck  brought my father. I will never forget when the 1974 models SCANIA tow truck to Kayseri  Everyone was talking about this vehicle.

"My father liked to do everything. Good brand wore, rode a good brand vehicles.  Scania 't chosen because it is a good brand. "Said Turgut, another brand vehicles Despite the short-term trials of blood, though he stresses that ısınmadığını tools.

Dogus Automotive indicating that they are in a very good relationship with Turgut, "Dogus   We were a family, complete with, "he says. Rebirth, Scania bring some very good points in Turkey  Turgut believes that, "with Dogus Automotive, everything was different.  So far, all mints were with us. With the General Manager wanted We know at any moment the view. Believe me, when you do not negotiate with the car. Nativity and Scania  confidence in this point, "he says.

Referring to the training of Scania Turgut, thanks to this training tools  can reach values ​​of actual performance, he says. Many new drivers  Pointing out that the shortcomings in the use of tools Turgut, thanks to training emphasizes the shortcomings resolved on a regular basis.

Turkish carrier Blocked

Underlining that freight Turgut demanding job, 24 hours a day phone is open for customers to express messages that may or drives. In recent years, European countries began to various obstacles in front of the Turkish shipper attention Guna Jalal Turgut, "European Turkish transporter shows her utmost difficulty. Last 5 years now has turned into a business persecution and intimidation policy. Countries of the European Union Schengen visa in order to avoid producing a new excuse every day, however, the cops European Union countries Europe's youngest fleet of trucks with high fees and penalties to cut the Turkish nakliyecil Erine reasons to laugh. And, unfortunately, we feel we are derelict in Europe.

Fenerbahce Fanatic Jalal Turgut, tools, puller, and awnings to reflect this preference preference for yellow-blue colors, he says. Jalal has joined Fenerbahçe championships celebrations Turgut, at some periods, especially during periods of export shipments distressed and close friends engaged in exporting "the color yellow make vehicles let you load such as" turning back offers.

Turgut, with it also conveys said story.

"Scania is one of the customer from the 5 units ordered, but then can not get the car. They called me on it. 'Would we have had 5 vehicles' they said. I gave an affirmative answer. 'There is a problem alone,' they said. Vehicles red. I said no. I say again, to get a lower price they gave 10 thousand euros. 20 thousand euros to change the color of a ten-foot pole filomdaki vehicles, Turgut says Jalal.

4 years, who chairs the TED Kayseri College Alumni Association Jalal Turgut, as well as women who are fighting league 1.basketbol TED Kayseri also holds the Vice-President of Women's Basketball Team.

02.11.2002 Chamber of Industry Magazine Interview

Could you give information about your company's organizational process? How did you decide to enter this sector and how did you come today?

Our company is the first in Turkey in Kayseri 42 As an international freight forwarding company was founded in 1976 by ​​the father and the death of Seyit Halil Turgut then we as children we continue developing our ancestral profession.

You take a step in this industry sector or state, and what can you say about the point where the industry today?

The number of vehicles in the sector in 1975 was limited to a few hundred units, this day is represented by hundreds of thousands. Turkey's foreign trade volume in 1975, compared with $ 1-2 billion, increased to over $ 200 billion these days, the number of international forwarding agent, while a number of around 40-50 are now over 1500 international courier was impossible in those days to keep track of vehicle, vehicle road Cum loads arrive, but instead comes out and Tinca you were the driver becomes aware of a phone booth arayınca you, today you can follow the vehicle via satellite and mobile phones all the time is where you can build a contact with the driver of the get. All of these will be added to what I said there are dozens more examples, but I think this is the point from which I came, even shows up.

What do you think the shipping industry's most important issues?

She really is one of the most difficult things in the world shipping. Because each vehicle, and his will to you as soon as you are responsible for all errors. And will be referred to a classic, but Turkey's largest non-governmental organizations, such as the und many of our problems even though we have a strong association stands in the middle, and the worst that we stick to them much blood that we do not see them as no longer a problem.

If we Examples;
Our cars have a driver's license drivers receives license, but for many years abroad, while the institution of Turkey Touring car only 1 year of international current and valid driver's license and registration abroad by paying high sums, and no property does not get the tour. the extension is now licensed and driving licenses in all Turkish and English, there are also a cause than what we pay to the same document of 13 000 tl We pay every year for a fleet of vehicles zorundayız.5o. Examination recognized by the inspection stations in Turkey, while European vehicles, as well as examination of cents, and every year we have to make a re-examination, call 7500 Tl paying extra money. Traffic insurance have contacts, but also on the grounds recognized green insurance have contacts abroad, and every year you are paying extra money around € 40,000. But no one does not appeal to them and ask why, because it was obligated .. Other than that, I never understood the Turkic republics of the visa problem, the biggest challenges us to turn out the highest amounts, and all of us are one-time. Every time I pressed the benefit of land totaling $ 400-500, and 150-200 dollars which you have to pay the visa fee. To me, the Republic of Turkey to the Turkic republics, there is no reputation, and respect for foreigners, half of which they are not reporting to us, I never understood this too, comes from the same lineage, if we are, why we are persecuted, Romania, Hungary, in the same way, you are paying higher tolls. And most importantly, the annual MTV paying around £ 80 000, the state exports, and so the contribution of international trade and financial problems all the time I think you should remove this sector exceed mtv. duty commercial vehicles, so it must be removed.

Estimated that the total number of firms in the transport sector in Kayseri MEASUREMENTS Are you? What is the degree of development of the transport sector in Kayseri?

There are around 30 international courier in Kayseri, Kayseri scale large as the number of them if we are about 10 others, medium and small companies. I do not think it was exaggerated industry developed as Kayseri, Kayseri to develop physically, even more depending on where you think the sector. as the number of companies and vehicles. I can not wait for the formation of such a large logistics companies, but in the end in Istanbul is a matter of the request.

What are the effects of unregistered firms in your industry your industry? How much do you estimate that this number?

Our business and operations are available to all exporters and importers to pass through customs is not possible to talk about informality. Informal sector work, and naturally I do not believe that talking about an effect.

Vice President the Board of Directors